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Tell us the music you like & we'll create a customized wedding playlist just for you!


Why would you want a customized playlist for your wedding?

  • Your Wedding Music Will Be Based On Your Personality
  • Your Reception Won't Feel "Cookie-Cutter"
  • You'll Be Done In 90 Seconds Or Less
  • Scratch Music Planning Off Your To-Do List
  • Your Results Arrive in a Dowloadable PDF
  • It Will Save You Hours of Time in Your Planning Process
  • Your DJ Will LOVE You
  • It Makes Choosing Your Music Fun
  • Your Wedding Won't Sound Like Every Other Wedding
  • You have nothing to lose - it's FREE!

Explore song suggestions for every part of your wedding.

A Valuable Tool For Couples, Planners & DJs

  • Step One

    Take a brief 90-second questionnaire answering questions about your specific music tastes.

  • Step Two

    Download or print your results from a customized PDF.

  • Step Three

    Give your custom playlist to your wedding DJ and you’re done!

Customize Your Wedding Playlist

It Takes Just 90 Seconds & Its FREE!

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